RankSense allows you to limit the permissions that different users have on your account. You may want to restrict certain users to have the ability to publish SEO changes on the live site, or to have access to billing. These roles are categorized into Domain Roles and Subdomain Roles, based on the permissions they get.

You can set these permissions for the entire domain or for specific subdomains.

Overview of roles

  • Administrator - This role has no restrictions and has access to all functions of other roles.

  • Accountant - Only has access to billing functions, such as reviewing/changing billing information, reviewing SEO reports and usage billing, etc.

  • Webmaster - Has access to all SEO features, but cannot invite users or see billing details.

  • Manager - Has access to all SEO features, can invite regular users and review billing details.

  • Senior SEO - Has access to most SEO features but cannot publish SEO changes that are visible to users (redirects and content rules) to production. They can publish these changes to staging and test them.

  • Junior SEO - Has access to publish SEO changes to staging and view Insights reports, but cannot make any changes on production.

  • Agency - Has access to all functions except inviting super users.

Note: The Agency role should only be used if you want your agency to manage billing for you. Once the Agency Role is added, it will disable billing for all the other roles, including the Site Owner. If you will pay for your RankSense subscription directly, choose another role like Manager or Webmaster.

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